A b o u tu s

23 years of Leinebears

The „Leinebären“ (bears from the river Leine, Hanover) have been founded in 1992, not as a registered club, but as a loose bunch, and we meet once a month. Since then, our numbers have increased steadily. About 100 bears (ages 20 to 60, apprx. 90 % sporting full beards) come to this place and enjoy drinking, eating, talking and laughing together.

What’s more, we use to meet for occasional outdoor walking and cycling, weekends and trips to the surroundings. Our picnic at the "Georgengarten” park in Hanover is part of these additional events, just like visits to the local zoo and, during the fabulous summertime, to local beer gardens.

These gorgeous guys mainly come from Hanover, but some of them live in the surroundings - after all, the Harz and Heide regions are not too far away. If you need further information just drop us a line and send it via e-mail. Where do you live ? Wouldn’t you like to have a look at a really funny and easy bunch of men and get acquainted to it ?

If so, then feel welcome at the homerpage of Leinebears of Hanover- with a deep-voiced „HUM“, but without humdrum.